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cost of replacing kitchen cabinets

Whether you’ve just moved in or are ready for a refresh, replacing cabinetry is a great option to get a new look while updating the functionality and structure of your kitchen. Unlike painting or refacing, replacing your kitchen cabinets is more costly and a larger undertaking, one which will leave your kitchen out of commission for at least a few days (if not longer), but offers better resale value and more flexibility if you plan to change your layout. 


Consider the Cost

Design by The Expert; Photography by Nicole Mason; Styled by Kate Leonard

A Semihandmade kitchen can cost anywhere from under $3,000 to $16,000 or more. It all depends on the size of your space and number of cabinets from 5-10 cabinets to 20+ cabinets, style of front, and any custom panels, floating shelves, or additional items needed. With the Cost Estimator Tool, it’s simple to figure out the approximate cost. 


Pick Your Style

Photography by Jenna Peffley

Each style of Semihandmade front from DIY to Impression to Supermatte is sold for differing costs. In addition to choosing fronts in alignment with your budget, style is another big consideration. Are you a traditionalist or aiming for something sleek and modern? Or do you want a transitional style like Semihandmade’s Quarterline fronts?


Replace or Reface

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Refacing is an option for those who want to change their kitchen cabinet color, have base cabinets that are in good shape, don’t want to change the layout of their space, or are on a tight budget. Replacing kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, is right for those with kitchens with structurally unsound bases, have the time and budget to take on purchasing and installing new cabinets, and want to make changes to the kitchen layout.  


Hire the Pros

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It’s entirely doable to design and install your own kitchen or you can use Semihandmade’s design experts and/or IKEA’s Kitchen Planning tool. 

Most fronts take 3-5 weeks to be delivered depending on the style you order. Stone, Night Sky, and Moss take 5-7 weeks, while Walnut always takes 7 weeks. Ready to renovate? The Semihandmade sales and showroom teams are available daily to answer questions.