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Socal quick ship cabinets

BOXI is the antidote to typical stale and dated kitchen cabinets, says BOXI by Semihandmade Founder John McDonald. Life is messy and BOXI provides a solution with cabinets that are chic and easy to clean.“We’re definitely not a brand that takes itself too seriously,” he adds.

For the latest campaign, which capitalizes on warm, family-friendly messaging, the BOXI team showcased life’s little messes in a stylized photo shoot. 

“It was John’s idea,” remarks BOXI Creative Director Laura Harris. “He wanted to show something over the top in a really beautiful space.” The shoot took place in the BOXI test kitchen, located in the brand’s headquarters in Southern California


Masters of Mayhem

What little kid doesn’t dream of drawing all over kitchen cabinets? Harris and team worked with a talent agency to bring in brothers Darius, 5, and Dominic, 3, as well as Windsor, a golden retriever puppy. “They were the perfect little combo to have some shenanigans in the kitchen,” Harris says. 

The shot list, which even included Windsor sneaking some dog-friendly pizza, brought a playful and chaotic energy to the kitchen. “Windsor got loose and ran through the entire office at one point,” Harris says of the shoot. “I did a lot of research online of funny parenting blogs, memes, and thought of a few scenarios to show,” she adds. 


Designed For Real Life

The test kitchen, which features BOXI’s Salt Shaker cabinets, was designed in tandem with IKD for the shoot with cabinets that can be easily swapped for other colors and styles.  In the future, it’ll be used for more in-house shoots, events, and advertising.

While the team first contemplated a two-tone look, white Shaker-style cabinets and floating shelves keep the design light, while Fireclay tile, Emtek hardware, Cafe Appliances, and Caesarstone countertops, complement the BOXI cabinets. 


Crayon Canvas

Ultra-washable crayons, flour, cereal, and even a vibrant purple smoothie, gave BOXI’s white cabinets a makeover. “The boys got to do things they normally wouldn’t do at home,” Harris says. The shoot was so enjoyable for the young brothers that “they wanted to come back, see the team, and keep playing the next day,” she remarks.


Easy Breezy Cleanup

Once playtime was over, the now-covered BOXI cabinets, were swiftly wiped clean. Any evidence of paw prints, flour, or crayon animations were gone.

Not only are BOXI cabinets built with style top-of-mind, their durable PET finish makes cleaning a breeze. To clean, use a damp rag and small amount of dish soap, and for tougher messes, spray Windex on the rag first, then wipe down.