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For budget-conscious homeowners and designers, Semihandmade and IKEA storage solutions have become the go-to for all rooms of the home. Seemingly endless combinations make adding organization to a walk-in or creating a built-in closet in small and large spaces a total breeze. 

Although primarily designed for kitchen storage, Sektion offers versatile options for the closet of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of s custom build. We talk with designers Lauren Chapin, Kelly Berg, and Zoë Kim about all things Sektion closets.


Small Space, Tall Storage

Design by Kelly Berg; Photography by Vivian Johnson

From the beginning of this bathroom renovation, Kelly Berg set out to solve an all-too-common challenge—satisfying storage needs in a small space. “The primary bath had a pretty tight footprint, and we needed to incorporate storage, in addition to the vanity,” she says. The client specifically requested laundry bin storage in the space but the only available option? A narrow nook next to the tub. 

“The dimensions were pretty specific, narrow and tall, and Sektion cabinets worked perfectly, and it kept costs lower than if we had opted for a fully-built custom cabinet,” says the designer. Quick shipping timelines, sizing variety, and versatility made Sektion the best cabinets for the job. Tall cabinets are the best option when looking to maximize storage space, “When you’re short on square footage, going up is the best option,” she adds. Berg painted Semihandmade’s DIY Slab doors to match the trim and toe kick for a custom feel. 

Berg urges designers and homeowners just beginning a closet storage journey to think about both function and aesthetics. “Do you want the storage system to visually disappear, or do you want it to draw your attention?” If you’re designing in a tight space, focus on the doors. “This may sound obvious, but, as with all cabinets, make sure there is room to open the doors! Which direction do you want the doors to swing? Where will the knobs or pulls be installed? You’ll want to have good clearance and easy access to get in and out. Thinking through these details before installation is imperative to a successful cabinet design,” she concludes. 


DIY Built-in Magic

Design and Photography by Zoe Kim

Designer and DIYer Zoë Kim knows what she does (and doesn’t) want when it comes to closet storage space. “I’ve had walk-in closets in the past, and I just feel like they are a poor use of space. I wanted a built-in closet that was simple, affordable, efficient, and most importantly, functional.” So, Kim was inspired to create her own storage masterpiece by a Semihandmade project that took built-in closets to the next level. 

Design and Photography by Zoe Kim

Kim notes that in her experience, Sektion provides a sturdy, deep cabinet base that is built to last. “One of the best things about using the IKEA closets is that you can completely customize the inside. If later I wanted more hanging space or even a laundry hamper in the closet, I could always add it,” she notes.

For people handy with a hammer, she recommends building a wooden base frame “to the depths and width of the base to make wrapping the trim around the bottom easier, acting as deadwood to nail in the trim,” she says. 

Kim’s recommendations for anyone embarking on a Sektion closet remodel are to put function at the forefront of your vision, list out everything you actually want to store, and “use the IKEA Kitchen Planner, even when not designing a kitchen,” she says. This approach will set you on the right path to save on costs without sacrificing design. “When you design an intentional closet with Sektion IKEA cabinets and Semihandmade door fronts, the sky’s the limit with customization. You’ll find it functions and serves you 1,000 times better than a huge walk-in,” she says.


Cabinet Creativity

Design by Circle G Designs; Photography by Sera Petras Photography

For Designer Lauren Chapin of Circle G Designs, the first step in the closet renovation process is taking note of the existing storage setup. What do you need more of? Less of? She tells us, “Consider your preferred storage methods (i.e., hanging vs. folded) and plan accordingly.” 

Chapin initially sought out IKEA’s Sektion line because of its versatility. “I started planning with Sektion specifically because I knew I wanted to use Semihandmade doors. It was serendipitous in that it provided a wider selection of cabinetry sizes that allowed me to achieve the built-in look I was going for,” she says.

Chapin used tall and wall-hung cabinets to achieve this look. Wall-hung cabinets are useful in many ways. “Taller cabinets are ideal for hanging storage” or for the floor-to-ceiling look pictured here. Because of Sektion’s versatile cabinet base offerings, she was able to get creative.

“I was able to convert a tall appliance cabinet into hanging storage just by adding an inexpensive closet rod from Home Depot,” she says. She even used a trash pull-out cabinet to create a pull-out hamper.