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Designer Amelia Knox had one client directive when redesigning the LashPop beauty salon: all pink everything.

Knox took that theme and ran with it, selecting penny and subway tile, upholstery, wallpaper, cabinetry, and paint, Sherwin-Williams’ Romance, in the tone.

“We really wanted to create a playful, personality-packed space where people could relax and treat themselves,” Knox says. “We decided to play off the ‘pop’ idea in LashPop, and went with a bubblegum pink palette, circular design elements, and drip-effect wallpaper.” 

But, it’s the retro details that set the lash salon apart, giving the borderline saccharine palette a retro, 1980s-inspired edge. “It’s a fresh departure from your standard feminine beauty salon,” she adds. Ahead, Knox peels back the curtain on the 5-month project.

Take It to the Ceiling

Pink walls were a no-brainer, but Knox decided to take the same hue up to the ceiling for a streamlined, monochrome look. “The neutral floors already grounded the space, so we went with pink-on-pink to really envelope the room in a bubblegum hue,” she explains. She added dimension and a touch of contrast with tonal wallpaper and white upper cabinetry.

Mix Abstract and Angular Silhouettes

The mix of angular and curved design elements really set the stage for a retro feel. “The rose gold tile, sleek slab cabinets, and vertical wood paneling all boast clean, angular lines, while the half-moon hardware, free-flowing wallpaper, and globe pendants lean abstract,” she notes. “These elements contrast beautifully and ensure the space feels balanced.” 

Add Period Details

To round out the design aesthetic, Knox made sure to add distinctly 1980s-inspired decor to the space. “The neon sign, pill mirrors, tropical greenery, and gold finishes really give it that old school, lounge-inspired touch,” she explains.

Invest in Luxe Finishes and Materials 

To complement the lounge-y atmosphere, Knox was fastidious about the materials and finishes used throughout the space. She went with Calacatta Quartz for the countertops and backsplash in the bathroom and front desk area, plush velvet upholstery for the lash beds, matching matte gold lighting and hardware, and bubblegum pink penny tile. “The details make all the difference,” she adds. “I love the way it turned out!” 

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