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Picking a wall color is a big enough decision…but kitchen cabinets? That’s even more important. Not only does your cabinet color set the tone for your space, but it impacts which surface you’ll choose, the backsplash you’ll add, and more. 

Now, we’ve already covered which colors are Semihandmade’s best-selling and the hues designers are loving now, and we’re here to present all your options. Because after all, picking a cabinet color shouldn’t be stressful—it should be fun. Keep reading to explore your personal pros and cons for 8 popular cabinet colors: 



Cream kitchen corner


Photo and design by Melissa of The Slower Home

A white kitchen is timeless, but a cream kitchen? Warm and timeless. With Semihandmade’s DIY paintable fronts, you can choose any hue for your cabinets, ranging from buttery to greige.

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White kitchen with white marble backsplash


Photography by Christine Michelle, design by The Habitat Collective

One word: Classic. If you’re considering white cabinets for your kitchen, you’re not alone. They’re the most popular, by far! If you want to spice up your neutral space, lean into a fun backsplash or open shelves layered with fun accessories. 

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Modern grey galley kitchen


Photography by Gabriel Volpi, design by EFE Creative Lab

There’s just something about a grey kitchen that feels fresh and modern. It’s neutral (that’s for sure), but not polarizing and lands somewhere in the middle of too stark and too dark. 

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Black two tone white kitchen


Photography and design by Yellow Brick Home

While black kitchens once might have been seen as only for the bold renovator, the truth is, the cabinet color is actually rather complementary to different styles. If you’re on the fence, leaning into a two-tone look or choosing a bright backsplash will help create the balance you’re looking for.

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Navy blue kitchen


Photography by Margaret Wright, design by Renovate108

By far the most not neutral, but still neutral kitchen hue? You guessed it: Blue. Whether you opt for a more traditional navy cabinet or contemporary, lighter blue-green, you might be surprised to find it feels just as versatile as any other hue. 

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Sage green kitchen cabinets


Courtesy of Mollie Code and Mike Shively

Another color that’s decidedly not a neutral, but when chosen correctly, can easily become the perfect backdrop to your kitchen. There are plenty of cool, calming colors to choose from to help create the right mood for your space. 

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Dark Wood Tones

Wood and white two tone kitchen


Photography and design by Krystyna Ninh Wood

Repeat after us: Deeper wood tones don’t instantly read dark or dated. Semihandmade Classic Walnut fronts, for instance, are warm, unique, and modern (okay, and a little mid-century). Walnut, of course, looks and feels more current than other dark woods, which is why it’s one of our favorites.  

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Light Wood Tones

Light wood and white kitchen


Design by Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

Cove fronts (a light oak impression textured thermofoil) from Semihandmade’s collaboration with Chris Loves Julia are ideal for bringing in a natural element to your kitchen without any of the fuss or drama of a real-wood cabinet. The tone of the impression wood is light enough to brighten a space, but warm enough to feel inviting. 

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