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Diving into any home project requires careful planning, budgeting, and more. Whether you’re starting a full kitchen renovation or a small powder bathroom update, each detail should be considered and talked through thoroughly from layout to color scheme to hardware and storage options. 

Semihandmade has showrooms in Seattle, Minneapolis, Los Angeles (our Monrovia HQ), New York, and Chicago to give customers an in-person look at all of our material options, plus show off how Semihandmade fronts and BOXI by Semihandmade cabinets can transform a space in real life. Are you debating between a classic Shaker or a more modern beaded kitchen, or do you want to learn more about how our products are made?

We sat down with Jeff Thomas and Juliette Hewitt of our New York showroom to dig into customers’ most-asked questions. 

What should one expect to see when coming to the showroom?

We have two kitchen setups. One is Semihandmade with walnut fronts, while the other is a two-toned look with BOXI by Semihandmade in Mushroom Shaker and Salt Shaker, as well as Lewis Dolin and Rejuvenation hardware, and Semihandmade floating shelves

What else can people see? Are there samples available?

The samples we have are for show only. Samples can be ordered by the client on our websites (BOXI or Semihandmade) that will be mailed to their home or address of choice.

Are there plans to include more full kitchens/bathrooms/or other vignettes in the future?

We are currently expanding to double the size of our showroom!

Are there any other spots in New York to see the products?

We have a satellite showroom in Hastings-on-Hudson at The Hom Market, about 30 minutes outside the city. There’s a BOXI kitchen with Peppercorn Edge and Salt Slab cabinets. 

Do people come in only wanting to see Semihandmade or BOXI?

Typically, people want to see both when they visit, and it’s nice to have two options and be able to explain the differences. If they don’t want IKEA, they can go with BOXI. People come in wanting to learn about the ordering process, lead time, and door materials, plus we ask about their lifestyle to figure out which brand is best for them.  

Do people seem to be overwhelmed by the ordering process?

BOXI and Semihandmade have different ordering processes, which many have questions about. If someone comes in and has no experience, it may be easier to go with BOXI than having to use both IKEA and Semihandmade. But with BOXI, it can be more complicated as there are options to measure your own space, use the IKEA kitchen planner, AI on-site measuring, or work with a designer. We work with partners like Dipt, who provide 3-D renderings, schematic plans and elevations for installation, and in-person dimension verification. Please note that Semihandmade doors only fit IKEA bases, while BOXI is a full cabinetry system that is delivered assembled. 

What is the difference in cost between Semihandmade and BOXI?

BOXI by Semihandmade costs approximately 40% more for a complete kitchen (the cabinets with doors on) than a Semihandmade/IKEA kitchen (IKEA boxes with Semihandmade fronts).

How are the products made?

Both Semihandmade and BOXI by Semihandmade products are made with both safety and sustainability top of mind, and use materials such as wood veneers, MDF cores, textured melamine, and thermofoil. Both brands are produced in the U.S. and follow strict codes for off-gassing. The Supermatte (Slab, Shaker, Beaded, Quarterline) line of doors have thermofoil fronts with an MDF core. The Impression line is textured melamine with a particleboard core, and Chris Loves Julia Shaker doors have textured thermofoil with an MDF core. BOXI cabinets are made from PET, a material created from recycled plastics, textured melamine, and MDF.

What are the most popular BOXI cabinets?

Everyone loves BOXI’s Peppercorn Edge but many customers have asked for a version in white, as black cabinetry won’t work for everyone. 

Will there be custom options for BOXI in the future?

We get this question all the time. At some point, there may be options for panels for appliances. 

What are the most popular Semihandmade fronts?

Quarterline and Impression have been popular, as well as the classic DIY Shaker, Supermatte White Shaker, and CLJ Cove.

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