The tree is trimmed, the garland is strung, the lights are twinkling, but you’re not done yet…

This year, we’re decorating the whole house. Holiday cheer for each and every room—kitchen included. Creating a happy, cozy space is more important than ever, as we spend more time indoors and less time rushing from one party to the next. And what better room to show some love to than the one where you’re prepping all your meals? Read on for kitchen Christmas decor ideas big and small you’ll want to bring home this season.


The Easy Addition

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Photo and design by Sarah S. Reed, build by

Minimalists, this one’s for you. Step 1: Place a wreath over your stove. Step 2: Enjoy. If you’re looking for one decoration to add, keep it simple and pick a wreath. Just make sure to choose a peel-and-stick hook that can adhere to your backsplash. 


Frame Your Favorite Room

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Photo and design by Sarah Shireed, build by

Use open doorways as an opportunity to frame your most decorated space. Here, designer Sarah S. Reed, one-half of, drapes a garland in her kitchen, creating a festive view of her open floor plan living area. String lights work, too, and will help ease the pain of the winter’s early sunsets.


Make It a Tradition

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Photo by Jeff Mindell, design by Studio DIY

Growing up, Kelly Mindell’s mom wrapped their kitchen cabinets like presents, and now she does the same. We love how our DIY Shaker fronts painted in the prettiest shade of blush (Galveston Tan by Dunn Edwards, to be exact) pair with the bright red ribbons. Don’t have any decorating traditions to lean on? This is the perfect year to start fresh. Whether it’s listening to one particular seasonal album while decorating or putting in a tray of cookies only after every room is complete, look at this time as an opportunity to kick off a brand new tradition the whole family can partake in.


Add a Tiny Tree

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Photo and design by Erin Conway

Erin Conway of Kismet House’s countertop decor fit right in with her warm, Supermatte Night Sky Shaker galley kitchen’s year-round decor. If you don’t want to commit to a real fir, go faux. If you’re not a plant person, think about what else you can sit on your counter—dried florals, a bowl of ornaments, or a rainbow array of bottlebrush trees.


Swap Everything

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Photography, design, and styling by Beth Light

Beth of 1111 Light Lane added holiday cheer to every corner of her parents’ kitchen, down to the artwork hanging above the open shelving (all hung with Command hooks). It shows you can add a little—or a lot—to your White Shaker kitchen. 


Choose a Spot

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Photo and design by Tammy Mitchell

Designate one area of your kitchen as the place where you swap out decor each season. Keeping it contained to one area, like these floating shelves located between blogger Tammy Mitchell’s big kitchen storage cabinets (outfitted with white Semihandmade Supermatte Shaker fronts) makes it easy to swap with each holiday or season.

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