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Cabinets are often the first thing you notice when walking into someone’s kitchen. Not only do they take up considerable real estate, they’re often the prominent source of color.

Depending on your layout, they may even set the palette for the entire first floor. Coupled with the fact that kitchen cabinetry takes days to properly sand, prime, and paint, selecting the right hue is incredibly important. It should feel modern and fresh, while still remaining palatable for the next 10-plus years. 

For some much-needed insight, we tapped Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare, a DTC paint company, for her top kitchen cabinet color predictions for 2021. The below shades are poised to take off in the new year and beyond, and are a safe bet if you’re looking to breathe new life in your cook space:


Warm Whites

Of course, classic white cabinetry will never go out of style, but Gibbons predicts a rise in more delicate whites in 2021. “I think the world is craving comfort in these unprecedented times,” she notes. “I see people gravitating toward warmer tones, like Clare’s Whipped, as opposed to stark, cool whites.” This is a great choice for dedicated minimalists who still want to design a cozy, inviting space. 


Moody Greens 

On the more adventurous side, Gibbons is noticing more moody greens and deep blues. Clare’s saturated Current Mood shade is actually a best-seller. “We’ve been seeing a lot of customers use it on their cabinets,” she adds. “It adds some drama and really lends an editorial feel to a kitchen.”  


Shades of Blue 

Gibbons believes that blue hues will always have a place in the kitchen. “It almost functions as a neutral,” she notes.  “It looks great in any room, no matter the decor style.” For 2021, she sees muted, gray-blue shades like Good Jeans as well as deeper shades like Goodnight Moon taking center stage. 


Sage and Seafoam  

Green kitchens really took off in 2020, and Gibbons sees that trend continuing into the new year. “Over 2,600 people helped us select our newest paint color, OMGreen,” she shares. Described as the “perfect mix of sage and seafoam,” Gibbons predicts it will coat countless kitchen cabinets, islands, and walls. “It’s my top pick for a cheery, vibrant shade.” 


Classic Greige

On the warmer side of the color spectrum, Gibbons anticipates classics like Greige and  On Point soaring into 2021. “It’s a warm neutral that’s pretty much foolproof,” she notes. “It looks exceptionally beautiful on cabinetry and will always be super popular.” 


Punchy Pinks

For those who aren’t afraid of a vibrant hue, Gibbons has spotted a lot of pink-flecked kitchens and predicts that this will continue into next year. “A softer, pale pink on kitchen cabinetry looks incredible,” she notes. Wing It is a Clare best-seller, while classic Baby Soft is another top contender. “An even bolder shade like Pink Sky really makes a statement in small doses too, like on a kitchen island, window frames, or even trim.”

All that’s left is picking your favorite:

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  • You caught my attention when you talked about shades of blue looking great in any room. We’ve been trying to transform our house from its current modern look to something a little more humble, and this color could really be a great first step towards that. With that said, I’ll look around for any kitchen remodeling contractors that can help me get some extra fixtures along with these cabinets that can round out the look.

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