Why buy when you can DIY? The holidays are a busy season without the added stress of running around looking for presents—and that’s not even factoring in 2020’s once-in-a-lifetime circumstances.

Instead, here’s a DIY gift idea you can make while cozied up at home. These clay candle holders have the look of artisanal ceramic pieces but they couldn’t be easier to make (even the kids can join in). Plus, you get the added bonus of bragging about how you crafted them with your own two hands.  

To set up your little elves’ workshop, simply snag the materials on Amazon for under $60, queue up your favorite holiday flick, and follow the six easy steps below. You’ll be done before the movie’s even over. 




Pinch off a piece of clay slightly larger than a cherry tomato. Knead it to make it easier to work with, and then roll into a ball.



Use the heel of your hand to press the ball into a flat circle that’s about a half-inch thick.



Press the end of a taper candle into the center of the circle and twist it to create a well. Make sure the well is deep enough for the candle to securely stand upright, but don’t press all the way through the clay.



Press the tip of your thumb around the outer edge of the circle to create a scalloped pattern, then gently wiggle the candle to remove it.



Make as many candle holders as you like, and then place on a parchment-lined baking tray. Bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.



Let cool, then paint with acrylic craft paint. We opted for a matte white color and gently dotted some black paint with the end of a thumb tack for a speckled look. Once dry, spray with a clear matte topcoat to seal the paint.

Now package your handcrafted candle holders together with some taper candles (we tied ours with leather cord), and check holiday gift shopping off your to-do list. 

DIY Speckled Candle Holders

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