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When it comes to cabinets, it doesn’t get much more classic than wooden Shaker fronts. The clean and simple style, paired with a natural-looking finish, is endlessly versatile—which is why it’s not just a great idea for kitchens. Shaker cabinets also make an impressive impact in a bathroom, used either as the base of a floating sink or as a part of a more built-out vanity. And Chris Loves Julia’s Cove cabinet fronts are especially up to the task.

Semihandmade’s CLJ Cove fronts were designed to be used with IKEA’s Sektion cabinets, which are most often used in kitchens—but that doesn’t mean they have to be relegated to that room. Wood bathroom vanities can add a more natural contrast against glossy tiles and add warmth to an otherwise cool space. The neutral wood tone of the CLJ Cove fronts makes them easy to pair with just about any kind of color palette and hardware, making them the perfect option for your bathroom remodel. 

Of course, unlimited options can feel overwhelming—so here you can find five stunning bathrooms that all incorporate CLJ Cove fronts to varied (yet all satisfying) effects.


Subtle Southwestern

Wood bathroom vanity with arched black frame mirrors

Photography and design by Jackie Ziznewski

Matte black hardware on the CLJ Cove fronts in this bathroom by Jackie Ziznewski gives the vanity a contemporary Southwestern feel—which is further played up by an accent rug and a vase of decorative branches. Edison bulb sconces and arched mirrors make the space feel of-the-moment, but not overly trendy.


Bright and Modern

This double sink set-up mixes and matches neutral hues for a pared-back yet dynamic look. Matte black faucets give the sink depth, while brass hardware on the CLJ Cove cabinet fronts nearly blends in for a more seamless look. A grey countertop complements the striking patterned tile floor: It’s a party on the bottom, with simplicity up top.


Contemporary Cool

Small wood vanity with an illuminating mirror

Photography and design by @mylittledarlings.etc

Vertically aligned white tiles and a backlit mirror give this bathroom by @mylittledarlings.etc a modern, almost futuristic feel—and CLJ Cove fronts on the vanity sink bring in a contrasting natural texture. A white countertop and sides on the floating sink make the mostly-white space look and feel more cohesive.


Cozy Farmhouse

Light wood bathroom cabinets in a black painted space

Photography and design by Sara Rose Design

Opting for black floors and black walls can seem risky—but in this space by Sara Rose Design, CLJ Cove fronts balance out the darkness. Sleek gold hardware plays up the natural warmth in the textured thermofoil fronts, too. A neutral palette also provides the opportunity to add in some texture: here, a marble countertop and shiplap walls.


Warm and Fresh

Wood vanity in farmhouse bathroom

Photography and design by @littlehouseontheave

In @littlehouseontheave, a vanity with CLJ Cove cabinets provides the perfect base for a vessel sink. The wood tone of the fronts brings out the warmth in the grey flooring and white walls, while black hardware (echoed by the shower curtain rod and sconces) gives the space a modern feel. In a neutral space, subtle details, like the herringbone tile in the shower, make a big difference.

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