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When you want custom cabinets without the headache and shipping delays that often come along with ordering from big retailers, BOXI by Semihandmade is a great choice. 

While these preassembled cabinet systems are a customer favorite for kitchens, they’re not limited to that room alone. In fact, BOXI cabinets are the perfect choice for designing your dream closet. With seemingly endless combinations of cabinet shapes and sizes, you can put together a closet that’s custom-designed for your specific needs. When you don’t have a suitable built-in closet in a small space, that’s a total game-changer—though BOXI cabinets can also be great for larger spaces, by adding order to a walk-in closet or making the most of an underutilized mudroom.

Starting the process of building your BOXI wardrobe can understandably be intimidating, but you can easily book a consultation with an expert to help you figure out the best arrangement for your space. These insightful tips from interior designer Lauren Thompson—who’s also on BOXI’s business development and partnerships team—will help you get started.

“A very basic first step is figuring out what your storage needs are,” Thompson says. If you’re building a wardrobe for your child and need some extra drawers for toy storage, it will look different from a closet you share with your partner, or a closet you’re building out in your mudroom. If you have a considerable sweater collection, you’ll need to factor in shelf space, and if you have a lot of long coats, you’ll have to think about the height of your cabinets. To set yourself up for success, do a big closet clean-out before you order your BOXI cabinets and assess how much space you need for what.

Then, follow these guidelines to pick the best cabinets.

Tall Cabinets

Available in 84.5- and 94.5-inch heights and 25 inches deep, BOXI tall cabinets are ideal for hanging storage. Shelves and drawers can also be added in to break up the vertical space—you might consider using a drawer for sweater storage or shelves for organizing your shoes. Tall cabinets designed for single and double ovens are a great option if you need more space for storing large items (suitcases, perhaps) or you want to design your wardrobe with a center cut-out, where you can display a favorite item of clothing or piece of decor. 

Vanity Cabinets

Originally designed for bathrooms, BOXI’s utilitarian vanity cabinets are available in a slightly shallower depth (22 inches) and a range of widths between 12 to 36 inches. They can be used either standing or wall-hung, and are available with a combination of shelves and drawers. Because they’re on the shallower side, they’re great for storing smaller items like accessories and underwear. 

Wall Hung Cabinets

At 13-inches deep, BOXI wall hung cabinets are the shallowest option, and they’re installed with shelves only, not drawers. For this reason, they’re great for storing small items that you want to keep in easy reach, like handbags and shoes. If you’re designing a mudroom closet, you can also use BOXI’s 36-inch deep wall hung cabinet—which was originally designed for above-fridge storage—as bench seating, Thompson says: “It’s wide enough for a seat and also comes with lots of storage space below.”

Base Cabinets

Because they’re the same depth (25 inches), BOXI base cabinets are perfect to pair with tall cabinets—they can be stacked on top or below in a flush line. Although they were designed to sit on the floor, they can also be mounted to the wall. Available in widths ranging from 9 inches to 36 inches, these cabinets have a wide array of possible shelf and drawer combinations, which makes them great for storing all the things you might keep in a dresser: folded pants and shirts, workout clothes, and underwear. And because you can stack them on top of one another, you can get all the drawer space you’re looking for: “You can have a floor to ceiling closet with just stacked base drawer cabinets if that’s what you desire,” Thompson says. 

At the end of the day, the perfect closet is one that’s designed with your exact needs in mind—and with BOXI cabinets, you can get exactly what you want, delivered right to you, in just six to 10 weeks.

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