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The right kitchen tools do more than just clutter pantry shelves; they open up an entire world of culinary possibilities.

Cue: making handmade pasta for the first time, letting a stew simmer all day (unattended!), and swapping your breakfast buttered toast for a vitamin-packed smoothie. Often though, these cooking must-haves cost a pretty penny. That’s where Amazon Prime Day comes in. Almost a national holiday in its own right (especially for home enthusiasts), the e-commerce giant’s annual sale is great for stocking up on more than flat-screen TVs and yet another Kindle. 

From cookware and new plates to small appliances and coffee machines, Amazon is quietly becoming a go-to destination for all things gourmet cooking. In fact, the retailer has single-handedly popularized cult-favorite appliances like the Instant Pot, in addition to stocking respected brands like KitchenAid, Le Creuset, Vitamix, and more. Upgrade your kitchen in a single shopping cart with these cream-of-the-crop essentials: 


For Busy Weekdays

People love the Instant Pot for a reason—you can make soups and stews that taste like they’ve been simmering for 5-plus hours in 30 minutes flat (and it’s 53% off).

Instant Pot Prime Day Deal

For Stew Season

Staub cookware is beloved by chefs everywhere—start your collection with this cherry red cocotte, which is currently almost $200 off.

Staub Prime Day Deal

For Smoothies and Sauces

The Vitamix truly does it all, from coarse chopping chunky salsas and pestos to blending ultra-smooth purees and shakes. Best of all: you can currently snag one for nearly $100 off.

Vitamix Prime Day Deal

For Steaks and Eggs

Sear pork chops, vegetables, hot sandwiches, and more with this stovetop griddle from Le Creuset, which is currently 44% off.

Le Creuset Prime Day Deal

For a Smooth Wake-Up Call

With this duo coffee and espresso maker from Nespresso, everyone in your home will enjoy brewing their first cup, no matter their usual coffee order. Get $30 off if you order fast. 


Nespresso Prime Day Deal

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