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Beautifully-designed kitchens do more than just look good—they make us want to linger around and flex our culinary skills. But any chef will attest that in order to have a functional cook space, you also need to be well-organized.

Enter: Wayfair’s annual WayDay sale. Now through Friday, September 25, the retail giant is offering up to 80 percent off smart kitchen storage products (think spice racks, pull-out pantries, and countertop canisters). Plus, you can score free shipping on your entire order. 

Because we love an ultra-tidy space, we combed through the 40,000-plus kitchen items currently on sale to find the best storage ideas, many of which are used and created by professional organizers and chefs themselves. These six products will not only streamline anything from finishing salts to pots and pans, but they’ll also look great doing it.


The Dried Goods Equalizer

Streamline your pantry or thoughtfully display dried goods like pasta, flour, sugar, and nuts in these sleek glass canisters. This minimal four-piece set will keep things organized behind closed doors or blend seamlessly with your countertop accessories. Best of all, it’s currently going for $29 instead of $50.

The Cookware Space-Saver

This understated cast iron pot rack is perfect for small apartments or compact kitchens and lets you hang anything from pots and pans to cooking utensils. Hang it above your stove or along an open wall for storage that doubles as decor. Plus, it’s 30 percent off.

The Flavor Station

Seasoned and amateur chefs alike deserve a designated home for their go-to spices. This sleek 18-jar spice rack is crafted from environmentally-friendly bamboo and is compact enough to display by the stove. It also comes with attached hooks to suspend inside a cabinet or pantry door.

The Pantry Merchandizer

These open-front bins are incredibly versatile. Just pop them in a cabinet, drawer, pantry, or closet to organize your snacks, canned goods, cleaning products, beauty must-haves, or extra towels—the sky’s the limit. Best of all: they’re over 40% off.

The Stovetop Sidekick

This trio of mini acacia bowls is a home chef’s best friend. Designed by Food Network veteran Rachael Ray, the canisters are meant to house your favorite cooking (or finishing) salts, pepper, and fresh spices so that you can seamlessly sprinkle and dash while you cook. They’re clearly meant for display—keep them on your stovetop or a nearby kitchen counter.

The Tiny Freshness Keeper

Garlic serves as the foundation of many dishes, but fresh bulbs tend to shed and can quickly get messy. Store your cloves in this dark, cool garlic storage jar for stylish safekeeping, and they’ll stay fresher for longer (not to mention this addition will look great on your countertop).

If you buy something through these links, we’ll probably earn an affiliate commission—don’t worry, it won’t cost extra. We promise to only recommend items we’d buy ourselves!

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