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Renovating a kitchen is a tough process, especially when it comes to frustrating shipping delays. This summer, Semihandmade has decided to make things even more simple for customers who want to refresh their spaces without demolishing and starting from scratch. 

For many, there is a “desire to work with us, but we were limited to our IKEA compatibility,” says Semihandmade’s Director of Customer Experience Ryan Rael. “Branching out allows us to service the many customers who want Semihandmade in their home, but don’t have IKEA cabinets.” Wondering how to order custom-size replacement cabinet doors? We sat down with Rael to answer all of your questions, including the nitty gritty on how to measure properly. 

What other base companies can customers purchase from if they don’t want to use IKEA?

There is truly no limit. As long as they know the sizes of the doors and drawer fronts they need, we can manufacture products to those sizes. 


IKEA accounts for only 5 percent of kitchen renovations, what other companies make up the rest?

Here in the United States, frameless cabinets, such as IKEA, are the minority. Many American cabinet manufacturers have plywood boxes with a framed design. There are dozens of other manufacturers in the industry. We now have the opportunity to service customers who may want to just replace the doors on their current cabinets—saving them time and money.


How can people order custom pieces?

People can order from our replacement cabinet door page on our site here. We have step by step guides on how to measure, how to order, and FAQs to help with the process. 


What are framed and frameless cabinets and why is that important?

Knowing if your current kitchen cabinets are framed or framless is the first step before beginning the ordering process. From there, getting hinges, measuring, and ordering will be similar but still requires this knowledge.

Framed cabinets are more traditional, often seen in older kitchens and feature an exterior frame that creates space between each cabinet. These American-style cabinets are sturdy and allow for easy installation as new fronts attach directly to the frame. While this type of cabinet does offer stability due to their construction, a thicker frame allows for less interior space and is less ideal for those wanting a more sleek aesthetic. 

Frameless cabinets (such as IKEA), on the other hand, are contemporary, a no-brainer for those interested in a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen. 

When purchasing new Semihandmade fronts for your kitchen, first check if your base cabinets are framed or frameless. 

What are partial and full overlay cabinets?

For those with framless base cabinets, this won’t apply. For those with framed cabinets, it’s important to understand the look you’re going for. Full overlay means that very little of the cabinet frame will show through, yielding a more streamlined appearance, while partial overlay leaves a partially exposed cabinet frame for a classic appeal.

Will there be a cost difference and is custom available for every current door style/color?

There will be a slight price difference as each custom piece will be unique and made to order. We will offer this new line in all of our styles and colors except for Walnut and Beaded.


Will the doors be pre-drilled or will customers have to get their contractors to do this?

There will be a few options for customers. If they would like to use their existing hinges, the doors will arrive undrilled. This way their contractor can drill onsite for a seamless integration. If the customer would like to purchase new hinges from Semihandmade, the doors will arrive drilled to fit those new hinges. We will offer hinges for Frameless and Framed Cabinets, as well as speciality hinges for corner cabinets and Lazy Susans.


What have been some of the top questions the sales team has gotten regarding custom?

The biggest question we get is if there is any wiggle room on our Shaker sizing limitations. Due to potential warping, we uphold our Shaker limitations, and the minimum width and height is eight inches. An 8” x 8” door is the smallest we can create, while the largest is 24” x 60.” There are other sizing limitations, which can be found when ordering. 


How should a customer measure for custom doors for a non-IKEA system? 

Customers should follow our detailed measuring guide. There are a number of factors that affect the way you measure, before you even start. For example, customers will need to determine if they are reusing their existing hinges or if they are purchasing new hinges, if their cabinets are Frameless or Framed, and how much overlay they would like. Don’t worry, we have examples and illustrations in our measuring guide. In general, a good rule of thumb is that  a door or drawer face will typically be 1/8” shy of the cabinet width and height. For example, a 15” x 30” cabinet will need a 14 7/8” x 29 7/8” front..


Do custom pieces take longer to ship than on custom?

Custom pieces are currently being manufactured at the same rate as non-custom—which is an average of 7-9 weeks.