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Interior design content creator Albie Buabeng is no stranger to hygge. “I am a huge proponent for hygge inspired design—creating spaces that are cozy, inviting, and relaxing—so it is how I approach every room design,” Buabeng says. So of course, the wisdom of hygge as a guiding philosophy was used in the renovation of her home’s media room, a space that functions as an entertainment spot, packed with all the comforts of home. 

The family’s three-bedroom split-level ranch home, purchased during the pandemic, is located south of Seattle (and also features a BOXI by Semihandmade kitchen!). For now, it’s Buabeng, her husband, and their child, but they hope to one day “add some chickens to the family”, she says. One of the biggest selling features of the house was the home’s outdoor garden. “It was definitely designed with love, just like the home’s interior. Inside, the layout was perfect for us. Not too big, not too small. Just right for our little family,” she says. 

Media room before with light walls and a piano

Media room after with project on a black wall

Not a Movie Room, But a Media Room

The design for the family’s media room began before the family even purchased the home. Buabeng was chosen to create a one-of-a-kind virtual design for the bi-annual One Room Challenge event. The room she chose to virtually renovate? One that was in a house on the market they were considering buying. After rendering the design, the family happened to actually buy the house (!!). Buabeng went straight to work, making her virtual design a reality. 

One of the most critical pieces for a comfortable media room is a spacious sofa, and the Toranado Sectional Sofa from apt2b in Battleship Blue leather is just that. The sofa’s silver-blue color compliments the metallic tones throughout, including the brass on the Holly Picture Light that highlights the details of the Acrylic Double Panel Frame by Wexel Art Displays which contain posters for Black Panther, a film that Buebeng describes as a family shared favorite. The dark walls, painted in Sherwin-Williams’ Cyberspace and Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Black, provide a stunning backdrop for sleek textures and beautiful patterns in everything from the metal of stacked vintage-style trunks to the floral ottomans that also function as a coffee table. 

A large windowed sliding door that leads out to a garden allows light to flow through white curtains, purchased from HomeGoods, in a type of room that is typically expected to be designed very dark. Although the natural light doesn’t subtract from the movie theatre feel of the room, it also adds an element of function. “Some people may call this a family room or a movie, but I was intentional about calling it a media room because that’s exactly what I envisioned. Not just a place for our family to gather, but a place for us to have fun with movies, music, and games,” Buabeng says. 

Black Semihandmade Besta media center

From Family Game Night to Date Night

Although one of the most popular functions of the room is for family movie nights, it also functions as a space for the family to host game nights, take breaks from work, or even a romantic place for the parents to escape for date night. “Because it’s connected to what is now our ‘flex lounge’, where we work and work out, it has also become a sort of ‘break room’ for us. I can watch my shows while also on my exercise bike next door. The mini can watch a movie while I’m at my desk or cast one of her activities straight from her workstation. It’s truly just an extension of our lifestyle,” Buabeng explains. “But it’s also where, at any given moment, you can find one of us solo just watching something on Netflix because it’s so cozy and chill”. 

Part of the reason the room is so multi-functional is the storage available to the family. An Ikea BESTÅ TV cabinet with Black Shaker doors by Semihandmade adds a sleek custom-like element to the room. The IKEA hack doesn’t end there— transparent design AORYVIC Acrylic Cabinet Legs were added as well. A Made By Design Utility Cart from Target can be rolled easily to different areas of the room to function as a small side table for snacks or games. Vintage-inspired elements also work to cozy up the design, from the Small Rattan Basket by H&M to the Victrola Vintage Suitcase Record Player

Media room with projector on the wall

Dream Home, Everchanging

Buabeng describes her family’s home as their dream home, and she’s excited to see it evolve throughout the years. For now, Buabeng contemplates additions to the room like adding a popcorn machine or a mini-fridge for snacks. However, one of her biggest pieces of advice for home renovators is to take their time. “Don’t overthink it or rush it,” Buabeng advises. “As you live in the space, you’ll learn more about what you do or don’t need.”

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