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No matter how big your kitchen is, chances are you’re on the hunt for more room to store that new Dutch oven or the juicer you recently ordered on Amazon.

From pots and pans to mixers, toasters, and an ever-growing collection of spices, your cupboards are home to a lot of things. And no matter how diligent you are about putting everything in its rightful place, storage somehow always seems to shrink by the day. 

Why? You may not be fully maximizing your cabinets and drawers. Just think about all the dead space in the depths of your pantry or all of the extra space those haphazardly strewn cookie sheets take up. With the right kitchen storage ideas and accessories, you can reclaim this wasted space and make the most of every square inch. 


The Wet Bar

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Architecture: Mike Shively; Design: Studio Code

When you have a large kitchen, you can turn an entire corner or wall into a coffee or wet bar. Here, architect Mike Shively and the designers at Studio Code carved out space for a small sink, a bit of countertop, and open shelving to create an area to whip up cocktails. The surrounding cabinetry provides plenty of storage—think glassware, bar accessories, and even a wine fridge. The key is to keep all your tools in the same place.


The Sliding Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

Courtesy of Sweeten

In this bright white kitchen, the team at Sweeten installed a tall cabinet with plenty of slide-out storage space for pantry items, so small jars and double-ups never get lost behind larger items. 


The Hanging Space

Kitchen Mugs Storage Ideas

Photography and Design: Yellow Brick Home

When kitchen space is at a real premium, an exposed shelf—even if it’s as small as the one in this Yellow Brick Home-designed kitchen—offers plenty of extra room for things like plates or glassware. Bonus: a hanging rod adds space for keeping coffee mugs.


The Glass Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Photography: Nicole Dianne; Design: Jessica Jones

If you have a collection of items to show off—a tea set or even just classic china—glass cabinet doors, like these glass-ready DIY Shakers designed by Jessica Jones, will do just the trick. Drawers below can help keep collections together, even if half of it is tucked away.


The Appliance Garage

Kitchen Appliances Storage Ideas

Photography: Ball & Albanese; Design: AM Singer Design

Take a note from AM Singer Design and designate a cabinet or two to all your appliances. Outfit the area with built-in outlets, so you can store coffee makers, microwaves, or toasters, without ever having to take them out. The best part: You’ll save precious countertop space this way. 


The Pull-Out Spice Rack

Kitchen Spices Storage Ideas

Photography and Design: Catherine and Bryan Williamson

The small jars that spices come in are notoriously hard to keep organized, but this narrow pull-out cabinet in this Catherine and Bryan Williamson-designed kitchen makes use of often-wasted space—like where a filler piece might go—and makes it easy to grab what you need in a flash. 


The Cleaning Cupboard

Kitchen Cleaning Storage Ideas

Photography: Margaret Wright; Design: Tyler and Jessica Marés

Rather than stuff your cleaning arsenal in a closet where mops fall out every time you open the door, consider a dedicated space like this slim pull-out cabinet designed by Tyler and Jessica Marés. The enviable space has areas perfectly suited for everything from brooms to bottles of multi-surface cleaners. 


The Open Shelving

Kitchen Open Storage Ideas

Photography: Nathaniel Johnston; Design: Natasha Nyanin

In a slim galley kitchen like the one in Natasha Nyanin’s Manhattan apartment, open shelving makes it easier to maneuver, since you don’t have to open and close cabinets to move through the space while you work.


The High Nook

Kitchen Upper Cabinets Storage Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have tall ceilings, why not consider this extremely sophisticated take modeled after library shelving? Here, Oak Design Project installed an ultra-sleek rolling ladder that allows homeowners to take advantage of vertical space without having to lug out a step stool every time they need to reach something.

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