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When you step into an especially beautiful kitchen, there are plenty of focal points your eye might be immediately drawn towards:

Custom cabinetry in a bold hue, perfectly organized open shelving, or maybe a statement-making backsplash in dramatic marble or zellige tile. But what if it could impress even before you walk through the door? With a curved archway, the best room in the house can get the entrance it deserves.

The kitchen archway trend has gradually been building, with designers and architects adding them to their plans to soften otherwise harsh angles. When you have limited square footage, a rounded door frame can open up the room, making it feel larger. And in bigger spaces, they add plenty of character, getting rid of straight lines and adding a modern touch. 

This small architectural tweak might just be the easy upgrade that reinvigorates your home. Just take a look at how arches influence the look of these dreamy kitchens.


The Contemporary Charmer

Arched window in white kitchen

Photography and Design: Bri Ussery

Bri Ussery’s Semihandmade Supermatte White Slab Austin kitchen makes the most of a neutral palette, but an arch motif throughout gives it a playful vibe. Scalloped tile flooring, half moon cabinet handles, and—of course—several arched door frames make this room extra inviting. 


The Extra Ornament

Pointed archway in pink kitchen

Photography: Jeff Mindell; Design: Studio DIY

The bright pink (Galveston Tan, to be specific) Semihandmade DIY Shaker cabinetry in Studio DIY’s kitchen is a bold choice that’s especially worthy of a frame. Pointed arch doorways are a touch more dramatic than a typical rounded arch—perfect for drawing attention to the pastel-toned room.


The Refined Entrance  

Archway in navy kitchen

Decorated in rich, jewel tones, with Benjamin Moore’s Narragansett Green on the cabinets and ruby red rugs covering the hardwood floor, this kitchen by Jessica D’Itri Marés from Renovate 108 is a perfect blend of classic-meets-modern. An archway makes a seamless transition from the home’s entryway.


The Modern Minimalist

Sarah Sherman Samuel kitchen archway

Photography: Stoffer Photography Interiors; Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel is pretty much the master of designing spaces that feel totally open and uncluttered, yet perfectly warm. While renovating her Michigan home, she turned what was a small, sad doorway into one big arch that leads to her spacious kitchen. Consider it just a step below open concept. 


The Cozy Corner

Archway in greige kitchen

Courtesy of Seeking Lavender Lane

Kitchen archways don’t have to be dramatic entrances, though. Just take this corner of Seeking Lavender Lane’s French-inspired summer home. An arched door frame leads to a small potting room—a charming hideaway for an avid gardener. The rounded touch makes it feel that much more romantic.

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