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When it comes to pairing cabinets with the right hardware, the choice isn’t always easy. Mixing styles or featuring contrasting colors takes skill. No one understands good pairings quite like interior designer Lauren Thompson, who works on the BOXI partnership team. Whether you are pushing the limits on combining design styles or would rather go more traditional, here is Thompson’s advice, plus her favorite Rejuvenation and BOXI pairings, for a harmonious design. 

Time For Traditional

Design by Tracy Cimba; Photography by Anjali Pinto; Styled by Johanna Lowe

With so many styles to choose from that fall under the “traditional” category, it can be difficult to navigate what works for your cabinetry. Thompson suggests a traditional look that also feels fresh. “For something a bit more traditional, I love pairing Rejuvenation’s Oval Cupboard Latch with a set of wide and bold Shaker-style uppers for an unexpected look. The latch hardware also works great for a mini bar with glass cabinets or a single pantry door when you don’t always have the luxury of symmetry,” Thompson says. Her favorite color combo? “The Mushroom Shaker with Rejuvenation’s unlacquered brass,” she says. 


Modern Trad

Design by IKD; Photography by Ryan McDonald; Styled by Johanna Lowe

Mixing styles can be tricky, but Thompson knows just the hardware to pull it off. “If you are looking for hardware that feels historic with a modern twist, I love the Mission Bin Pulls. They look especially sharp on our Salt Shaker or Mushroom Shaker styles when you have a long row of bases cabinets in your kitchen, or if you are in need of several stacked larger cabinets for storage in your laundry room or walk-in closet,” she says. Her tip for making them feel symmetrical is to fasten the pulls in the center of the cabinetry. “The aligned symmetry pays homage to the traditional Arts & Crafts feel,” she explains.


Sleek and Simple

“For something a bit more masculine and geometric, I love the West Slope Drawer Pulls. They look equally classy in any color and can be used in a variety of lengths for smaller 5-inch drawers all the way up to 36-inch wide cabinet doors,” she says. For an elevated design, she suggests using them horizontally on kitchen drawers and vertically on your larger cabinet doors. The result is one that feels at once cohesive and custom. 

A Dash of Detail

Photography by Nick Glimenakis; Styled by Kristi Hunter

Smaller doors and smaller spaces require a different approach. “When you are in need of simple hardware for a small bath vanity, one of my go-to selects is a pair of the Bowman Cabinet Knobs. They are just small enough to be the right proportion for a smaller, single or double door hanging vanity and also offer a timeless, streamlined design quality,” she advises. 

The New Modern

The Allenglade Drawer Pulls may be inspired by midcentury design but the look, minimalist and weighty, is a new take for those seeking a refined spin. “Depending on the color combo you choose for your hardware and cabinetry, you can make these pulls subtle and soft– almost disappearing into the line of the Shaker cabinet, or big and bold in a contrasting combo like matte black on Salt slab cabinets,” Thompson advises. When installing great cabinet designs, it’s important not to skip thinking about the hardware. More than an accessory, the right hardware can make (or break) a design. 

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