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Though you may try your best to buy only what you use and need, kitchen appliances can quickly accumulate. 

The first non-negotiable: a coffee maker to kickstart the day on the right foot. Then, there’s the must-have blender for morning smoothies (or toaster, if you’re more of an English muffin and jam type of person), there’s even the trendy air fryer, the Instant pot, and the stand mixer. Suddenly, your counter space feels totally overloaded. In these instances, an appliance garage—meaning a designated cabinet space where you can keep small kitchen appliances—is a must.

The purpose is two-fold. First, it gets rid of visual clutter: it keeps your bulky microwave out of sight but within easy reach. And second, it helps keep your kitchen organized; when all of your small appliances are in the same space, you don’t have to waste five minutes digging the food processor out from the back of your pantry when a recipe calls for it. Bonus: built-in outlets means minimal plugging and unplugging.

If you don’t have a ton of small gadgets, an appliance garage can also double as a coffee station or a hub for your baking tools. It’s customizable depending on your needs and how much cabinet space you have to spare. Want some inspiration? Look no further than these five kitchens. 


All That and the Kitchen Sink

Double appliance garage and coffee station

Photography and design: Kim Cornelison

In this Minneapolis space designed by Kim Cornelison, tall cabinets tuck away a lot. On the right, a toaster oven and coffee maker create a centralized breakfast-making hub, while the rest of the shelves are filled with a variety of kitchen essentials: plates and bowls, a wine rack, even a sink. Consider this an especially smart design for households that might just have too many cooks. 


The Gadget Hub

Black appliance garage and coffee station

Photography and design: Beginning in the Middle

Positioned right next to the countertop, this appliance garage by Beginning in the Middle is all about convenience. Small gadgets, like a coffee grinder and a milk frother, are gathered on the lower level, while the microwave has a spot tucked out of sight on a shelf just above.  


The Coffee Cabinet

Blue appliance garage with pot-filler

Photography and design: Erin Kestenbaum

If you’re a real latte aficionado, you likely can’t imagine mornings without the help of your trusty espresso machine—even if it does take up a considerable amount of space. In this kitchen by Erin Kestenbaum, an in-cabinet marble countertop makes the appliance garage-coffee bar hybrid look especially elevated. A built-in pot filler also ensures you’ll never have to go to the sink to fill your machine. 


The Simple Station

Gray appliance garage and coffee station

Photography: Ball & Albanese; Design: Anne-Marie Singer

Similar to the above, this kitchen by Anne-Marie Singer shows how you can create a caffeination station and appliance garage all in one. Since the coffee maker here doesn’t take up too much space, the cabinet is also a great place to stash mugs, espresso cups, and bowls for early morning cereal.


The Counter Corner

Open shelf appliance garage and coffee station

Photography by Nathaniel Johnston; Design by Natasha Nyanin

Don’t have any cabinet space to spare? In Natasha Nyanin’s Manhattan kitchen, a stand mixer finds its place at the end of a countertop; its brass coloring mirrors the collection of brass cookware that fills the space’s open shelving, reducing visual clutter. 

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